2019- Good Intentions Album & Music Awards

Whats up y’all.

If you stumbled across my website and are reading this, thank you. I hope everyone had a great start to 2019.

First, let me start with this. I lost my dad last year on January 3, 2018 so the beginning of the month is my ME time.

NEW ALBUM: Good Intentions

So… I had planned on dropping my Greatest Hits Vol. 3 with 5 unreleased songs but ran into a couple problems with digital distribution because some songs I wanted to include were on my last album last year and still new on the stores. So instead of not releasing anything, I included another 2 unreleased tracks and make it a 7 track album called “Good Intentions”.

That drops on February 8, 2019 and iTunes Pre-order is available at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/good-intentions/1449315278


Save on Spotify at this link:



Next up, I just found out today from the Akademia Music Awards that I’m nominated for Artist Of The Year and The Akademia Executive Award (highest honour). Gala is April 18th in Los Angeles.

May 18/19th in New York City, I’m also will be receiving a music award from Bomb Baby Unlimited for their alumni/gala ceremony. I will also be performing too.

I’m not in the mood of doing many shows this year so for the most part, any shows I’m doing will be stateside as my wife and I are going to be travelling more this year. Los Angeles and New York are confirmed.