Dear You The World

Going in effect as of June 22... I’m removing most of my catalogue from digital platforms. It’s very concerning as an indie artist that I have to get 
1 million streams on Spotify just to earn $4,370. And how can it be done when there is no more structured type way of having that support. 
I don’t know personally more than 40 people nowadays.

It use to be for me... drop video, release an album, people gave word of mouth of their favorite songs, you announced a show and people brought their friends to check out your Brand (instead of saying band or yourself). And it eventually that grew more and more.

In the beginning with digital distribution... I thought it was the greatest thing that someone could play my music elsewhere in the world. But then somewhere along the line... the game changed... and not for the better.

Lately, last couple shows I’ve done is just rappers rapping for other rappers on the bill. No friends of mine in attendance, maybe a coworker or two. That ain’t a show! That’s a just a glorified cypher.

So I’ve decided to go back to an old way of doing things because this new system is terribly broken. And for that, I’m going to be on hiatus from releasing another album to figure out how and educate myself more on a better business practice between artist and consumer.