New Album, Bandcamp , Backstage Pass & New Way of Things

Hi Peeps,

I recently been bringing my back catalogue over to Bandcamp. The model of Bandcamp seems to be something I’ve been looking more into. I created a Backstage Pass where I will giving supporters 1st crack at any new music for Free Download, plus they my back catalogue and deals on other stuff all for $20 CA a year.

I'm always learning. So I got some feedback about my Backstage Pass and I'm not trying to scare anyone off from supporting music. Some folks felt that it's unfair to sign up for a yearly subscription just to get the new album. NO- thats not the idea.

The Backstage Pass is just created as an incentive if you feel like supporting the Sikadime brand and indie artist for a small yearly subscription and get more for your buck, plus back catalog for free downloads and other cool stuff such as discounts on merch, limited edition offers etc etc.

You don't have to sign up. Yes, "I'm Not Sad Keanu" is available for streaming or purchasing off my discography on Bandcamp as I made it available to avoid confusion. You can pay $7 for it or not and just stream it. OR if you get the Backstage Pass, you get automatically get it plus my back catalogue.

However, I do have Download codes for this album- I want you to have this album & options. In good faith, hope you sign up for the mailing list and add it to your collection of music or if you find yourself wanting the pass, sign up.

So here is the download code: e5sy-5qrw

Redeem here:

Love ya lots, stay fresh to death and fucking gorgeous y'all.