This rap opus brings a new sound to dedicated fans of the genre - ‘Going The Distance’ covers a variety of concepts drawn from personal experience, deftly articulating the reality behind the image.”

- 2018) Akademia Music Awards for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album for Going The Distance
“Sikadime isn’t your typical hip hop artist.”
- (2011) Canadian Musician Magazine - Spotlight Showcase
Holy S**t, It’s A Free EP by Canadian rapper Sikadime is proof of what he spoke of, in both cases. The album starts immediately with “Good Times” sounding good old school in more ways than one.

”Where I’ll End Up” continues with this vibe. Again, the bass, drums and trumpet come together to create something very catching and entertaining. This is joined by the effects and rap that could compete with the greats of this genre.

In conclusion, we see the other spectrum of this diverse genre taken from soul and gospel. Unlike the electronic sound of our times, Sikadime’s latest EP is pure old school in it’s finest.”

- (2012) RJ Formeta (EvO:R album review)
In the hip hop circles he hangs with in L.A. and New York he’s been called the “Crazy Canuck,” but fans of Tristan Amison know him best as Sikadime”

- (2007) Welland Tribune
It’s instantly obvious when you encounter a hip hop artist with shrewdly conceived production skills; ‘The Wooden Spiral Staircase in a Glass House’ has a captivating dexterity that takes huge time and talent to conceive, and ‘West Coast’ is a chart slayer.”

- (2018) Akademia Music Award (Music Award of Excellence -Rap/Hip-Hop Album for The Wooden Spiral Staircase in a Glass House)
Fearless and relentless, this nationalistic British Columbia has been at the grind for a long time, putting out more then a dozen solo albums, and many more in collaboration. Even well into his career he manages to keep his prolific tendencies, with 2017 he has already brought us several releases, each sounding sizzlingly hot. Aging like fine whiskey, with each album seeing him only getting stronger and stronger, Sikadime truly is a testament to passion and persistence.”

(2017) The Infidel Network Album Review “Going The Distance”
The new album by the Canadian MC can also be grabbed off Xbox console. Some of his past work and collaborations have been alongside the likes of B-Real of Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace, Moka Only and more. The rapper/social worker’s older albums include NUMB3R5 (2011) and Carpe Noctem (2010).”

- (2012) New Canadian Music ( album release of They Missing Out When They Not Here)
A universal hip hop artist that reaches rock, metal, hip hop and punk rock fans alike. Constantly on the go and energetic, you would think Sikadime was born with some sort of everlasting energy drink in his bloodstream”

- (2011) New Canadian Music (album release of NUMB3R5)
Sikadime has been on his hustle since elementary school and feels he has been the most slept on rapper. He has travelled around from Toronto, Niagara Falls & L.A. His group got signed to Death Row Underground a subsidiary label of Death Row Records for only a short time. At the moment he is in Niagara Falls and a runner up for 6 nomintations at the Niagara Music Awards!”

- (2009) HookdUpMag